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Rodent clean up includes sanitizing the rodent fecal and urine by spraying with a Sanitizer and deodorizer following the Center For Decease Control guide lines. Next Preparation of work area by using plastic sheeting in work areas. Then removal of rodent nesting materials, fecal matter, and damage insulation. After removal of insulation and fecal matter we sanitized again and new insulation is replaced.

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Wheeler's Rodent Control specializes in the rodent clean up and Sanitization of areas affected by, rats, mice, birds, or raccoon that may take up residence in our homes and businesses. We are one of the only companies offering both clean up and pest control services for rat, mouse, pigeon and other animals, ridding your property for target rodent will prevent future issues. There are numbers of diseases that can be found in these droppings. More case are being found in California, in some cases, there is a danger through direct contact or simply by breathing the air in these contaminated environments. Wheeler's Rodent Control can remove all rodents and effectively remove all droppings and any dead rodents, as well as disinfect, treat for fleas and mites living in nesting areas. After rodent are removed sealing the home is the most important step to prevent re-infestation of cleaned areas. Rodents leave their scent  which attracts other rodents to the same areas. These areas must be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sealed to prevent an ongoing infestation. Wheeler's services include attics to basements and garages, there is no areas of a home or business that we can't completely clean and disinfect. Call Today 877-595-2847.